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Packaging PR and Marketing Specialists

We’ve worked with packaging clients for a number of years and work for two major packaging trade associations. We’ve also worked on a number of packaging trade shows, as well as national and international packaging clients.

We understand the sector and its key drivers, particularly how major national and international issues impact business.  We know that changes in legislation can affect business and the need to embrace sustainability and environmental issues is driving innovation.

We work with our packaging clients on every aspect of their business from product launches and portfolio awareness, internal communications, customer communications, digital and social media and issues management.

We have a reputation with major national news and trade media for providing high quality spokespeople and being agile in our responses.  We have managed fast-paced media situations and one notable day facilitated 13 back to back interviews with major news outlets.

We deliver award-winning integrated campaigns, but you can pick and choose services as needed across all the disciplines including media relations, social media, digital marketing, video and visual services.  Details about our services are here.

We know a lot of people, can get you connected and pride ourselves on great collaborations.  Our hard-working team will stop at nothing to get the best for your business.

We’re at home working in the UK, Europe and beyond.

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