Paid Ads Social Media – Eat Real Snacks

What was needed

Our client, Eat Real, had landed a trial collaboration with Subway in selected stores as part of Subway’s Meal Deal offer during lockdown…

We needed to tell the  people of Essex and Cambridgeshire that the UK’s No1 ‘free from’ bagged snacks were now available in their local Subway!

As we were in #Covid lockdown and social media usage had increased so drastically, the best way to reach our target audience was through a targeted paid social media ad campaign.

For this campaign, we focused on Facebook and Instagram.

What we did

The key to any great paid ad campaign is the targeting. Yes, the creatives have to be amazing, but the key to get the best ROAS* is in the targeting.

We geotargeted people aged 20-50 living/passing through a 5 mile radius of the stores running the meal deal offer.

We further refined our audience to those interested in Subway and healthy diets and, critically, to ensure there was no ad fatigue, we created several variations of the ad creatives and ad copy.

What happened next 

The campaign ran for a month with a modest budget. We achieved half a million impressions, which was fantastic, but the major KPIs for this campaign were Reach, Ad Recall Lift Rate, Ad Frequency and Cost per Ad Recall Lift.


We reached more than 150,000 consumers in the areas we wanted, with an Ad Recall Lift Rate of just over 10% (between 4 and 8% is considered good for FB & IG ad recall lift). Ad Frequency was where we wanted at c2.5 (the average number of times a consumer was served an ad) and the Cost per Ad Recall lift was c£0.03.


The organic posts on the account showed that the rest of the country would be interested in having the Eat Real meal deal option rolled out across the nation!

*ROAS – Return on Ad Spend

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