Taking the Horror Out of Halloween!

What was needed

Andigestion, the anaerobic digestion contractor for Gloucestershire and Devon County Council food waste collections, wanted to reach out to the community and engage with its end users.

What we did

We used pumpkins as our vehicle and devised and implemented a pumpkin recycling campaign around Halloween. We enlisted local garden centres, schools and supermarkets to install temporary pumpkin recycling points and encouraged them to give out leaflets to every pumpkin purchaser. We used media relations and social media to spread the message that pumpkins could be recycled at these points.

What happened next

The pumpkin recycling bins were full to bursting! We gained significant regional and trade media coverage of the campaign and Andigestion’s role in local food waste collections including interviews on local radio and video posts on the station’s website. Most garden centres, schools and farm shops have signed up to take part in future campaigns.

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