The Latte Levy & the Voice of the FPA

What was needed

First week back to work after New Year and within 24 hours we had notice that the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee was releasing the report from its Inquiry into paper cups.   The Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) represents manufacturers of most of the UK’s paper cups and has been closely following this thread, with Government engagement, committee meetings, briefings and policy planning since March 2016.   We also work with the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG), which focuses specifically on paper cups (the FPA remit covers all foodservice packaging not just paper cups)

What we did

We prepared a statement, issued it on the wire and waited for the phone to ring. It did. On Friday January 5, the Executive Director of the FPA, the Chairman of the PCRRG and key members between them carried out 13 live media (TV & radio) interviews and numerous press interviews.   The brief was to focus on the extensive work the industry has done in the past two years and the hugely increased capacity for recycling paper cups in the UK.  In fact, capacity now exits to recycle all paper cups used in the UK.  

What happened next

FPA/PCRRG Live media coverage 5 January

BBC Breakfast at James Cropper
BBC Breakfast at James Cropper
BBC Radio 4 Today programme Martin Kersh with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall interview
BBC Radio Scotland Martin Kersh with Keep Scotland Beautiful interview
BBC Breakfast at James Cropper
BBC Radio 5 live Mike Turner, Chair Pack2Go interview and phone in breakfast programme
SKY News Neil Whittall interview
BBC TV News Neil Whittall follow up to James Cropper piece interview Annita McVeigh
BBC Radio 4 You & Yours Mike Turner Pack2Go
ITN News Martin Kersh interview
BBC World News Neil Whittall interview Talking Business with Aeron Heselhurst
BBC Radio Ulster Martin Kersh interview
BBC Radio 3 Counties Radio Martin Kersh interview
SC4 Newyddion, Welsh language news programme, Paul Synnott, Seda

The FPA and PCRRG continue to lobby for increased recycling infrastructure funded by the industry through Packaging Recovery Note Reform rather than a ‘latte levy’.

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