Crisis Readiness Workshop – Leapfrog PR

Crisis Readiness Workshop

You’ve got BRC, you’ve got a crisis plan, you’re covered. Or so you think.

What could possibly go wrong?


  • When did you last review your plan?


  • When did you last train and rehearse crisis response spokespeople?


  • Is your communications cascade up to date?


  • What’s coming over the horizon that might catch you out?



The fact is that unless you review these things regularly, (and we’d recommend at least once a year and ideally every six months), you really are not ready to deal with a crisis.

Covid has demonstrated that crisis can come at us from unexpected directions and being ‘ready’ is an essential part of survival.

Our crisis readiness workshop will ensure that when the proverbial hits the fan, your business is ready to tackle the situation and respond robustly.


During our Crisis Readiness workshop, together, we will:


  • Assess the risk to your business of reputational damage


  • Review your current crisis plan and highlight weaknesses


  • Go through ‘real life’ scenarios to test your responses and highlight weaknesses


  • Review your communications cascade and assess competency of spokespeople


  • Horizon-scan your business for issues that could impact in the next 6-12 months



The Details

We will require access to your crisis communications plan prior to the workshop to review.

The day is interactive and hands-on – your team will need to engage with the process and work together to ensure your business or organisation gets the best out the day.

Following the workshop, we will submit a report, with gap assessment, highlighting areas for further action.