Media Brunch PR Event – Lifeway Foods

What was needed

Lifeway Foods Inc needed to raise its UK profile and highlight availability of its UK kefir product range. We pitched a media event featuring Julie Smolyansky, the CEO of Lifeway Foods, in conversation with a high profile wellbeing ambassador in central London.

What we did

We invited key trade and consumer journalists, bloggers and influencers to the event to ask questions, taste and sample products and report via their publications and social media feeds on the event.

Leapfrog managed the event from idea to execution. Everything from identifying and negotiating the participation of Liz Earle MBE as brand ambassador, to finding a venue, designing collateral including menus incorporating the products, photography, AV support, invitation lists, RSVPs, social media management and staffing the event on the day.

What happened next

Mentions, engagement and reach all peaked around this event across all social media platforms.  On Instagram, Lifeway was tagged 77 times, reaching an online audience of over 250K on the day. There were approaches for product marketing collaborations, offers to stock product and requests for further samples were received as a direct result of the event.

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