Our Work – Leapfrog PR

Our Work

Media relations and content generation

Super-smart copywriting skills, great journalist networks and the ability to get to the heart of a story characterise our work.

Stakeholder relations and community engagement

We’ll help communicate to the networks that are important to you, translating values into action and real engagement.

Crisis and issues management

We keep our heads under pressure and cut through the media noise to make clear, timely and constructive arguments and keep the news agenda under control.

Reputation management

We help businesses punch above their weight and compete alongside best in class.

Event management

Our flexible team has oodles of experience and all the ingredients to make your event a success anywhere from small boutique London venues to major locations. We do product launches, exhibitions, trade events, awards, corporate days and lots more.

Social and digital marketing

Social and digital are second nature to all our team members, delivering fantastic results and great ROI.

Integrated campaigns

We integrate strategies to 360 your marketing activities to all appropriate channels.

Video content

We bring your messages alive with great value highest quality video content from corporate profiling to social media clips.


We work with clients from around the world, especially North America, to communicate messages to the UK and Europe that reflect global brand values with local relevance.

Trade Shows