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Is Your Social Media Pointless?

16th May 2022

There’s been a lot of chatter in mainstream media over recent weeks about ‘pointless jobs’ and more than once social media has been mentioned amongst other ‘pointless’ jobs.  And they’re right. A lot of professional social media is pointless.  That might seem a contradictory statement for people who work in social media but hear me out.  The issue […]

What difference does a review make?

14th April 2022

As you head off for the Easter break, you may well have plans for a meal out or two, and if you do, will you leave a review afterwards?  And what difference does that review make for a hospitality business?  It could be more valuable than you think… Restaurant/venue reviews are a critical business building tool these […]

What does it take to have a great client relationship?

18th March 2022

Teaching at University Ramon Llull in Barcelona last week, I asked my Masters students to conduct a piece of research into client agency relationships.  Ten students, six countries represented strong collective experience – many returning to education after several years in the profession. I asked them each to talk to one client and one agency, to see if […]

Don’t write off traditional media just yet …

10th February 2022

With news and stories continually breaking on social channels and with lies whizzing round the world faster than you can pull up your pants, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the role of traditional media relations in your B2B or B2C communications strategy is long gone. But maybe don’t be so hasty…  We firmly believe […]

Another successful year at Leapfrog

28th January 2022

Whoooo, we were super busy in 2021 growing client social communities.  We work hard, using a portfolio of tactics to meet and exceed the results that our client’s expect – and that sometimes means challenging assumptions and pushing clients and ourselves to do what’s needed rather than what they think they want.  It’s a testimony to […]

Packaging PR Unboxed

1st September 2021

Traditionally, packaging business have been slow to adapt to change from sales driven to marketing focused businesses, with for some, marketing being a more recent addition to the budget line.  With business under pressure, how can your marcomms department still deliver effective brand awareness and drive the sales pipeline on a flatlining or reducing budget? […]

Know Your Assets

14th July 2021

It seems an obvious one but do you know your business assets?  Really know them?  You and your teams will be vigilant about security, passwords, statutory records and regulatory submissions, but do you know all your digital assets? Time and again when we start to work with new clients, they just don’t have a handle […]

Chocolate is a matter of taste….

7th July 2021

It was tough work this week at Leapfrog PR when the crew decided to celebrate World Chocolate Day with a chocolate tasting. The team bravely chomped their way through 15 artisan and speciality chocolate bars, ranking each for taste, texture, aroma and packaging appeal, but the results were very much a matter of taste. Managing […]

Well Hello There!

27th May 2021

Well Hello There!!   Hospitality is back, we can hug our families and even the weather is set to warm up, so things are getting back to normal. We thought it a good time for a reminder that we too are still here, re-invigorated and raring to go! We’ve got some exciting new ideas in […]

Communication, culture and isolation

3rd December 2020

As lockdown and Tiers, in their various guises, trundle on, we are getting the work done but what’s happening to our corporate identity, our shared values and our culture? If we are not careful, we’ll be harking back to the 1980’s where work was functional, communication was one-way and values were imposed top down. I […]

Every Crisis Tests A Leader

22nd October 2020

The Leader’s Institute Conference 2020 Every crisis tests a leader and there are certainly leaders being tested and crises aplenty. Add to coronavirus, Brexit, climate change, the environment, international conflict, economic crisis, human rights violations… the list goes on. But it’s the pandemic that has laid our leaders bare; there is no handbook for the […]

New life, new creativity

18th March 2020

Everyone in the current corona virus situation is concerned and anxious over family, friends, work and getting through. We know that ‘this too will pass’ but we don’t know when and what shape we as a society will be in when we emerge the other end. What’s clear is that we have to adapt and […]

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Leapfrog PR Highlights from 2019

23rd January 2020

While compiling our many and varied 2019 annual reviews, we have been reminded of some of the fabulous public relations projects and achievements from last year that produced BIG smiles from our clients and moments of fulfilment for us. We’ve jotted a few of the highlights down with a couple of important points from each […]

Leapfrog PR appoints Digital Media Specialist, Ben Aviss

8th August 2019

Cheltenham based food and hospitality specialist PR consultancy Leapfrog PR has expanded its team with the appointment of Ben Aviss as Digital Media Specialist. Ben has more than 15 years’ experience creating multiplatform marketing campaigns, videos and digital content for websites, mobiles and TV, including BBC Food and the award-winning BBC Earth, where he was […]

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Leapfrog PR Donates to IT Schools Africa

29th May 2019

Leapfrog PR has donated its surplus computers and accessories to IT Schools Africa, the Cheltenham based charity that refurbishes and supplies computer equipment to schools in Africa. Caroline Crawford, Business Development Manager for Leapfrog PR, delivered the equipment and said: “Over the years, every time we’ve upgraded our computers, we have donated to IT Schools […]

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CIPR EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2019: Leapfrog PR makes shortlist

23rd May 2019

Pride of place in reception Leapfrog PR has been shortlisted for this years’ CIPR Excellence Awards, making the cut in the Best Use of Social Media category with its campaign to boost audience figures across our client Eat Real‘s three social media platforms. Leapfrog’s campaign focused on driving organic growth through imaginative influencer and community […]

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What’s The Biggest Risk To Your Business?

15th May 2019

What’s the biggest risk to your business? According to the recent Sunday Times Business Risk supplement, it’s reputation. Now for those of us in corporate reputation, that comes as no surprise. What is more surprising is that “damage to company reputation, which could sink a business in an instant, is rising up the boardroom agenda”.  […]

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Social Media and Staff Contracts – What’s the Recipe

13th August 2018

The controversy around the Som Saa chef who was belatedly fired for racist postings on social media has rightly caused a social media stir.  What are the implications for the Som Saa brand and what is best practise in these circumstances? Brand values take a long time and a lot of care to develop but […]