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Visual Storytelling


If a picture paints a thousand words, why don’t we ‘paint’ you?

Today’s media-led culture is driven by visuals – short video, animation, stunning photography, our social media channels and business and personal feeds are stuffed with images.  This is a fabulous opportunity for every marketer to literally re-imagine the way material is presented.  Stories traditionally told through words are finding new impact by being re-imagined visually.


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Using a blend of

  • Live-Action Video
  • 2D + Stop Motion Animation
  • Graphics
  • Gifs
  • Photography

We will bring your stories to life creating brilliant, engaging content that will have multiple uses across all of your channels:

  • Website
  • E marketing and newsletters
  • Social media
  • Digital advertising
  • Presentations
  • And more

You need to invest in these new visual communication strategies because it’s the future – more and more communication will be visually led – you’ll need to read and write of course, but the world will be visually led.  No more Chairman’s Report – it’s a video instead; no more product brochure; it’s a YouTube demo instead, no more press releases, it’s an informative video in instead, no more wordy social posts, it’s an animation instead.

Get the picture?

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