PR Internships

Uni Students, have you ever felt too swamped during term time to even consider having a job? Well, our PR intern says that you really should try to find the time to gain some relevant and practical experience whilst studying for your degree. Here’s why.

I have been working at Leapfrog two days a week whilst studying for my Masters degree in Marketing. Almost half of the population now has at least an undergraduate degree level qualification and this figure has almost doubled in the past 25 years. The job market is very competitive and having a degree no longer really sets you apart from others who are applying for the same job. Potential employers value educational qualifications and practical workplace experience, not one or the other.

Whilst studying, I’ve found myself trying to absorb some very technical information, especially within this complex digital marketing landscape. It can be difficult to find time between attending lectures, reading reams of dense academic theory and having what seems to be an essay due every few days. But working at Leapfrog has been invaluable and has really helped me to put all the academic knowledge into action. Plus, getting up and going to work makes a change from routine trips to lecture theatres followed by the library. Everyday is different at Leapfrog.

It can seem overwhelming at times, but employers expect you to be able to demonstrate that you are more than just a degree, you need practical experience too. My top tip is to plan your time wisely and give yourself at least an afternoon a week free from work!

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